South Fork Special Programs

 “Check It Out” is a bi-monthly love letter to our local libraries and the stories that they share. Alexa Andrews, Branch Manager of the North Fork Community Library in Kendall, offers her musings on literature and life, visiting guests to hear about the services they value, the experiences that inspire them and most of all, the stories that they love. You’ll learn about upcoming events, participate in brain teasers and get a peek inside the book drop for some insider knowledge about how libraries work. Have a comment or a topic you’d like us to cover? Email Alexa at

Ep. 1:  Welcome to Check It Out, The New Bookmobile & “The Stranger in the Woods” by Michael Finkel

Ep. 2:  Effects of Radium, Pause for Poetry & “The Big Burn” by Timothy Egan


‘This Sacred Earth’  honors the ground beneath our feet and all of the many diverse creatures and ecosystems which make up this beautiful landscape we all call home.  Stories, songs, interesting natural facts and personal anecdotes fill this 15 minute, kid friendly, monthly show with a variety of  material for the whole family.

The show is written and performed by Rainbow Wohali Medicine-Walker who is a Writer, Speaker and Ceremonial Leader.  Rainbow is an enrolled member of the Western Cherokee Nation,  She is the grandaughter of Cherokee Admiral JJ Clark.  Ula Ga Amoyinehi Chief Water Dweller and Wakinyan Zatha Pa Chief Thunderbird.  Rainbow has lived in East Whatcom County for the better part of forty years.