We have a variety of programs on KAVZ-LP, both local and National, You’ll find a regularly updated list below, check the station schedule for broadcast times.  Shows with websites or facebook pages have included links.

Artistry of ChangeAnytime we are operating away from our true path or living away from the essence of Who You Really Are then Life uses Change to bring us back into alignment. But Change brings up fear in people as their security is now in question. These ½ hour Artistry of Change shows explains how the “process” of Change works; and understanding this makes people feel in control of their journey and stay in objectivity rather than getting immersed in emotion. They become Masters of their Life. Airing twice a week.

Bucolia: Welcome to the world of a befuddled writer who bumbles his way through the mysteries of country living. A place where…

  • Cattle cowspire to wage cowrilla warfare against unwitting humans
  • Potlucks and fence posts replace CNN
  • Scotch and Merlot are as essential to good gardening as fertilizer and water
  • There be witches, wolves, and wild winged wonders
  • Truncated gerunds dominate the dialect
  • Mystifying, monstrous machines rule the roads
  • Cats and dragonflies become spiritual oracles
  • Frayed and unraveled lives are rewoven


  • You must drag your home over a mountain logging road just to get there

Drop by, pick up some farm-fresh flowers, eggs and zucchini—just leave your money in the pickle jar.

Cascadia News Now – Provided by the crew at KMRE -Lively discussion on news and issues in Bellingham, Whatcom County and the Pacific Northwest. Join Stephanie Kountouros, Dave Willingam, Tim Johnson and rotating guests as we update and breakdown the news you want to know.

Chuckanut Radio Hour – Hosted by Chuck and Dee Robinson, the Radio Hour includes live music, poetry, more than a little humor, and a featured guest author. The show’s first guest was Erik Larson and has since included William Dietrich, Elizabeth George, J.A. Jance, Sherman Alexie, Tom Robbins, Alexander McCall Smith, Cheryl Strayed, Garth Stein, Laura Lippman, Ruth Ozeki, and Garrison Keillor, among many others.

Home Country – We’re a story-based show much like Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon…only we’re a country version. The host Slim Randles is a master storyteller. And each week he takes his listeners on a journey to Home Country with great original stories, some down-home humor and a positive outlook on life.

In The Know – Interviews of organizations, government agencies, and groups that offer services, programs, events to the local community. The focus of these approximately 15 minute shows are to inform the local community of this information. Airing M-6pm and   F – 10 am. Hosted by Jan White

Into the Arts – Interviews with organizations, musicians, artists and more that are involved in the arts in Whatcom County.

Paranormal Moments – : “From UFOs to Bigfoot to ghosts: the unexplained put into historical and cultural context. We consider the “paranormal” to be quite normal, indeed!”

Radio Theatre – We are introducing two new radio theatre formats, a 30 minute mysteries and reimaging of original radio theatre on Tuesdays at noon, and on Thursday at noon, we will be testing a Radio Theatre called Shadowlands, an hour long show, a bit darker and more mysterious than Tuesdays. Please let us know what you think.

South Fork LawWe present a radio program that discusses local law issues for the citizens of Whatcom County, Washington.

Thom Hartmann Show – Thom Hartmann is a progressive national and internationally syndicated talkshow host whose shows are available in over a half-billion homes worldwide

Voices of the Valley -Are you interested the rich history and heritage of the Mt. Baker Foothills region, the special challenges faced by local entrepreneurs, and the unique talents of local artists? It’s all part of the rich tapestry of life woven by the people who live, work, and play here in the South Fork Valley. Tune in to “Voices of the Valley,” a community conversation sponsored by Peoples Bank, featuring in-depth interviews with our very own friends and neighbors speaking about who they are, what brought them here, and their hopes for the future of our region.